Through its grants scheme, Public Libraries 2020 has been supporting advocacy projects at all levels (local, national or international) that outline services that public libraries provide in the areas of social inclusion, digital inclusion or lifelong learning.

The grants programme has awarded over 160,000 euros to 10 outstanding projects.  The PL2020 team has therefore decided to dedicate the remaining grant amount to supporting the targeted advocacy activities of the PL2020 project and will suspend the grants programme from this time.

Our grantees

Second round

We are delighted to announce that the following projects were selected in our second and last round of applications:

  • Fondación Biblioteca Social

“Knowledge map of public library projects for combating social exclusion”

The Advisory Committee was convinced by this strong proposal aiming to raise awareness over projects developed by public libraries, dealing with the more vulnerable groups of society.

  • EBLIDA & Library Association of Latvia

“Library Advocacy 4 EU!”

The project focuses around a 2,5-day meeting to improve advocacy skills for a selected group of people at the end of 2015.

  • National Library of Lithuania

“Tell Your Story, be Important”

Strong proposal aiming to advocate for libraries and improve their image in the eyes of the public, while providing solutions in order to correct the general perception.

  • Think Tank

“Demonstrating the economic value of public libraries”

Innovative project organized around gathering data on return on investment (ROI) for public libraries, to add an economic argument to advocacy efforts.

  • Tinder Foundation

“This is for Everyone”

The project aims to deliver a major awareness raising campaign across the UK, engaging senior politicians, local MPs and socially excluded beneficiaries. The desired result is to increase public funding and recognition for libraries in supporting digital inclusion.

  • Association of Non- Formal Education MERITUM

“GO GO GO_PRO – Public Libraries as Regional Programming Centres”

This advocacy project comes as a plausible solution to one of the critical needs the EU is facing right now, when it comes to ICT skills. Their Go Pro centers can reach a diverse public, ensuring that users are able to constantly "update" their IT skills and benefit from the network's expertise. 

First round

  • ANBPR - National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania

“EUSPHERE - European Union Libraries Space - HERE”

  • BLIA - Bulgarian Library and Information Association –

“Libraries Inspiration and Lifelong Learning for All”

  • Slovenian Public Libraries Association

“Public Libraries Supporting Social Inclusion”

  • Tallinn Central Library

 “Vote for your local library!”