EU funding opportunities for public libraries

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 19:45

The Reading & Writing Foundation has commissioned a detailed EU funding review identifying specific opportunities suitable to public libraries, national libraries, library associations and their networks. 

The review identifies those programmes that are particularly relevant to public libraries and provides detailed information on the amount and type of funding available, payment schedule, project duration, key activities the funding program will support, key deadlines/timetables for funding applications and where to apply.  For more info jump to the Funding review document

The report covers additional programmes that public libraries are eligible for, but in some libraries are not specifically mentioned, or suggested activities are less relevant.  Libraries or library organisations can apply but access may be more challenging.

2 current funding calls are worth highlighting now:

An immediate potential opportunity for public libraries is the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in the Field of education; training or youth (page 95) call for proposals. The deadline for applications for projects in the youth field is October 1st 2014. Projects of up to €150,000 can be applied for, with 100% project costs covered by the programme. At least three organisations from three different programme countries have to be mentioned in the proposal, but only one organisation will apply on behalf of all.

National Libraries working with digital cultural resources may want to consider responding to the HORIZON 2020 “Reflective Societies – Innovation Ecosystems of Digital Cultural Assets” (paga 38) call for proposals.  Non-profit legal entities are eligible for 100% funding rate. Proposals may vary between €2 and €4 million, but other amounts will be considered as well.  At least 3 legal entities from different EU Members States are eligible to apply. The deadline is 21st of April 2015.

We will keep you informed about upcoming funding deadlines via our Facebook page and flash newsletters.