Mariya Gabriel Addresses National Library Week Congress in Bulgaria

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 14:00

Mariya Gabriel, Vice-President of the EPP Group and Head of the Bulgarian delegation in the EPP Group, sent a congratulatory address to the participants in the official opening of the 12th National Library Week Libraries in Support of Sustainable Development.  Ms Gabriel is set to become European Commissioner responsible for digital economy and society.

In the address, she outlined the role of libraries as strategic partner for achieving those goals, as they provide the most important - access to information and literacy. “Without basic skills in reading and writing people face the risk of social exclusion, difficulties in finding jobs and lower standard of living. Libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture; they promote values and facilitate the intercultural dialogue. Library services provide basic support to lifelong learning, independent decision making and cultural development in an information society.”

In Bulgaria, Mariya Gabriel organizes a lot of programs for youth and this year she is honorary patron of the National Children’s Book Festival. She has initiated the national ‘Reader of the Year’ campaign and every year hosts a visit of the 27 winners to Brussels.  

We look forward to working with Ms Gabriel in her capacity as European Commissioner for digital economy and society, particularly when it comes to empowering institutions such as public libraries to deliver digital skills development opportunities, as well as in the ongoing copyright debate which risks impacting the tens of thousands of libraries and cultural heritage institutions across Europe.