Slovenian libraries - strong supporters of social inclusion

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 15:00

Slovenian Public Libraries Association, PL2020 grantee, assessed the impact of library services for socially disadvantaged groups:immigrants, seniors, unemployed, Roma children, visually impaired.

This project allowed libraries to experience that strong evidence and joined forces help change the perception of public libraries as strong supporters of social inclusion.

The videos and brochures they produced raised great interest in media on local and national level, NGOs, government and political bodies. If you wish to read more about this project, please click here

Here is our recent Facebook post about this for more pictures. 


Library services that were assessed during the project:

Public Library Brežice regularly conducts free computer courses for seniors and job-seekers. The purpose of the courses is to train participants to independently use computers, as well as the integration and networking of people and thereby improvement of the quality of their life.

Labour exchange in the Ljubljana City Library is the information service of the seventeen-year tradition, open to job-seekers, such as unemployed workers, students and pensioners. It offers individual career coaching as the additional support for job-seekers.

In the project “Slovenian language for foreigners” the France Balantič Public Library Kamnik teaches foreign immigrants the Slovenian spoken language.  Knowing the language allows them to better communicate outside their community and thus establish the basic conditions for integration into the local environment and society.

“Intergenerational Reading” is a joint project of the Public Library, Gymnasium Fran Miklošič and Home for the Elderly in Ljutomer. Volunteer students read aloud to elderly home residents who due to illness or age can’t read themselves.

The targets of the Anton Tomaž Linhart Public Library project »We Can! Overcome Barriers to Help the Disabled” are ‘fully able’ school children and their teachers. The aim is to educate them on blindness and visual impairment, to teach them acceptance of those who are different and to promote social inclusion, sensitivity and assistance to others.

The Miran Jarc Public Library implements a program of additional assistance in reading and understanding Slovenian for Roma children. The program aims to achieve autonomy in reading and understanding the Slovenian text, so that Roma children are able to follow the learning process better and integrate more easily into the school and wider social environment.